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Some of the best ads are very simple, using visual elements to get across their message.

This week I have taken the fictional logo that I created and developed a half-page ad announcing their opening. Using an image that I had taken on the beach of an adorable puppy looking at someone talking, my headline is, “Did you hear?” The body copy announces that Canine Bay has opened and a few words stating what the store is. The main image of the puppy is on the right; the logo is in the lower-left corner, followed by the tagline and address.

The audience is dog owners in a coastal town looking for beach and boat accessories for their furry friends. The image is adorable and eye-catching. The message is short — lets the reader know they are open.

“A well-thought-out idea sets the framework for you create” (Landon)

Ad design should contain an image, headline, body copy, tagline, and sign-off. The headline should attract the target audience, the body copy delivers small amounts of information, and the tagline is a catchphrase used across campaigns. For this campaign, they are announcing the opening and driving traffic into the store. The sign-off is the logo and additional social media icons.

People quickly scan what they read. They have emails, magazines, social media, and billboards in their face daily. A person doesn’t have time to read everything, so you need to grab their attention. You do this with a compelling headline. David Ogilvy said, “On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” So, make that eighty cents count — pull in your audience.

When creating a print ad, use a limited copy for the reader to quickly scan. Avoid telling the viewers everything about the product or service. Use the ad to drive traffic to other places such as a website or storefront. Focus on one point for the campaign that you believe will best sell the benefits of the product or service to your audience.








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