Honey I Shrunk Lexi


This week I used Photoshop to have a little fun making a movie poster. I used images that I have taken, which include my daughter Lexi, fields of flowers, and butterflies from the exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. I mimicked the bottom of the poster off of a recent movie poster to give it an authentic feel.

I created a perception of depth, enlarging the butterfly in the foreground in comparison to the much smaller image of Lexi. I used a picture of her when she was younger and laughing because she would be in heaven if she were able to hang out with butterflies while we found a way to bring her back to full size. (kidding) The second butterfly is in the background to give the appearance of different sizes among the three dominant objects.

I used an image of grass placed in front of Lexi to emphasize her reduced height. Next, I played with shadows and the shading of the images to make them all appear to be part of the same scene. I used my name as the top headline mimicking other posters with the star actor’s name at the top.

This project was a lot of fun! Coincidently once I completed this, I saw there is a new “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” movie coming out! I hope you enjoyed this fictional movie poster.

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