Content Strategy Report – The Motor Neurone Disease Association

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Presenting a Content Strategy report to key stakeholders within an organization is important to emphasize how the content is telling the story of the organization and how it is meeting its goals. The report will analyze the current content, how it can be improved, establish key business goals as well as the KPIs to achieve those business goals.

This week I produced a Content Strategy Report for The Motor Neurone Disease Association. The conclusion I came to was that MDNA has a robust website in place that can continue to grow and engage users. This growth will help the organization meet its business goals by focusing on the Core Strategy Statement and the Messaging Framework. If they continue to update and refresh content frequently, they will entice users to return often to review new research and events.

Business goals:

Business Goal #1: Increase funds and generate income through donations to help support those affected by MND and their caregivers.
Business Goal #2: Build effective partnerships to help increase awareness and increase donations.
Business Goal #3: Proactively share knowledge and information to members to learn what is available to them for support of MND.

Core Strategy Statement:

To increase the number of people who donate and engage with the organization, we will provide research, stats, engaging content to inspire people to volunteer and be involved with those affected by MND.

By becoming an expert in MND through research and funding, MNDA will continue to engage with the community, the patients, and those affected by the disease. It is essential to highlight on the site’s home page outreach programs that promote a strong call to action and provide stats to back the research obtained through MNDA funding.

Review report

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