Social Media Audit

Brand recognition on social media is very important to the success of a company. For this week’s assignment I was tasked with completing an analysis of a company’s use of social media channels; I chose my hair salon New Beginnings Salon and Spa. I enjoy going to this salon for their use of nature-based products for color and care. They are very active on Facebook and I wanted to see how deep their social media use goes.

About New Beginning Salon and Spa

New Beginning Salon and Spa is an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Day Spa focused on healthier lifestyle, our environment and its future. Aveda products are created using advanced plant technology and formulated with pure plant essences without animal testing. Their Aveda-trained Lifestyle Salon and Spa Team provide hair, skin, cosmetic and body wellness services using Aveda products. They were the winner of the Salon200 award in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Analysis and competition

My analysis of New Beginning Salon and Spa included an audit review of their social media channels. My review was from July 2019 to September 2019 to evaluate how they were using social media to promote their brand identity. The channels that I analyzed were Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


  • Facebook – The salon uses Facebook to highlight recent color and hair styles as well as promote in-house events using Aveda products. They also highlight their stylists’ awards, time with the salon and finished results showing customer styles.
  • Instagram – The salon uses Instagram to promote recent client’s hair color and style.
  • Twitter – The salon uses twitter to make announcements, highlight products and give environmental healthy lifestyle tips.
  • Pinterest – They have created boards for color, cuts, age and makeup inspiration.

Also included in my analysis was the review of two local competitors’ use of social media. I chose Adam Broderick and Whip Salon.

  • Facebook:
    • Adam Broderick uses Facebook to primarily promote products sold at the salon.
    • Whip Salon uses Facebook to promote before/after pictures, in-house events and contests to increase online sharing.
  • Instagram:
    • Adam Broderick mostly promotes the products sold in salon with a few images of clients’ styles.
    • Whip Salon showcases clients’ color and styles.
  • Twitter:
    • Adam Broderick uses the same content/images on twitter as they do on Facebook promoting products.
    • Whip Salon uses Twitter to highlight current promotions and give inspiration on the season’s hottest looks.
  • Pinterest
    • Adam Broderick uses Pinterest to promote salon products.
    • Whip Salon has boards for color and seasonal inspiration as well as hair tips.

View my full analysis. Social Media Channels Analysis


I found that New Beginnings has a large presence on social media and they use several different channels to stay present. I think the most successful posts they have are the client color and cuts. Reviewing their competitors, I recommend two things that New Beginnings could use to create more conversation and traffic.

  • Having contests on Facebook that require the user to tag a friend and share their page.
  • Sharing client’s before/after pictures. This will get the user excited about obtaining the same or similar look as well as sharing it with friends for their opinions.



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