Using content to drive traffic to your site


Content plays an important role in driving traffic to your website. Content has many purposes like describing products on ecommerce sites, educating on sites like Wikipedia, entertaining on sites like YouTube, and socializing on sites like Facebook or Instagram. With millions of sites available today, content creators have to find creative ways to drive traffic to their sites.

“The best websites don’t just sell, they educate
and produce loyal visitors.”

Loyalty of users

Visitors don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much content. They want to be able to skim through sites to look for information relevant to them. When they find a site that relates to them, they will become loyal visitors and start to share with others. When they link to your site on their site or social media, this will increase traffic back to your site as others will be interested to see more.

Keywords and links

Adding blogs to your site is another great way to boost your SEO. The links will signal to search engines that your site contains relevant information to specific questions. Sprinkling keywords and links will further broaden your website’s reach. As search engines look through the web for specific words or links, your site will become more visible to others.

Mobile content

The mobile world is top priority related to users. You need to consider the readability of your content for mobile users. Format your content for small screens using bullets, subheads and infographic images. Using videos, social media shares and pictures help make your content bite-sized for users on the go.

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