Driving traffic back

Below are five sites that I have identified for driving traffic back to their site via strategies such as social media, email, signup forms and mobile app pop ups.

Home depot

While looking for some home improvement items on the Home Depot app, I placed something in my account cart. Later in the day I received an alert on my phone to remind me about the item I had left in my cart. While I didn’t purchase it, the mobile app alert did drive me back to the site to continue browsing for new ideas and price checking. After having a conversation about the items I saw on the app, we then drove to our local Home Depot. I honestly don’t think I would have thought about Home Depot during the chaos of the week unless I had received the mobile alert late in the day.



I love IKEA and the way they advertise their products by displaying their merchandise in real life scenarios. We are looking into redoing a kitchen, and we always head back to IKEA for ideas on how to layout the room using the space we have. I don’t know if we will actually purchase our cabinets from IKEA, but the way they market certainly gets the creative juices flowing. I was looking through their site regarding room ideas for kitchens; later that day, within my Facebook feed, were the kitchens I saw while on their site. Brilliant on their part because I clicked on the link and spent another 30 minutes dreaming about the kitchen I wish I had.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 3.55.58 PM

Warby Parker

I wear glasses on my casual days, and I love Warby Parker for their price point and fun styles. Every time I receive an email about what’s new, I immediately click and go to their site to poke around. Although I didn’t purchase this time, I added a lot of frames to my favorites for future purchasing. Their emails, ads and pop ups are well done with their clean design and funky photos; they cause the user to want to seek out more. In addition, they always follow-up with emails after a purchase and I see them show up in my social media feed whenever I have visited their site.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 3.48.22 PM


Starbucks has figured out how to market to those who are frequent visitors. They entice me with challenges, popups on my phone when I am near a Starbucks’ location, emails to remind me that I have a free drink to use, or how I can earn more stars. This particular email didn’t get me to click through since it was for a credit card application. But usually when I receive a challenge email, it’s a quick click to get started from the email; and you can view in your app how you are progressing towards earning more stars. The Starbucks’ app makes it easy to add money to your account for more purchasing power, or in my case, easy to satisfy my teenager’s addiction to her latest ice tea craving while out with friends.



A lot of sites have immediate coupons when you sign up for their email newsletter. It’s a great way for the site to capture emails for future campaigns in order to drive traffic back to their site. While visiting the JCrew site, I signed up to receive the savings; since then I have received several emails showing me new styles and sales that are available that day. They also market their other sites, such as JCrew factory, to theses captured emails. The signup form is a great way to make the user feel special for getting a deal and joining for future communications about their products and site.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 8.12.13 PM


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