Uploading to your website

To create a website, you need to upload your files to your web server using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The FTP will transfer your files immediately to view on your site. There are several FTP clients to use such as Fetch or Filezilla. With FTP clients such as these you are able to drag and drop files from your hard drive to the hosting server location.​

What you need

To get started in uploading your files you will need the following information from your web host to get access to your site.

    1. Your username
    2. Password
    3. The hostname or URL where you should upload files
    4. Your URL or web address

Ready, set, go…

Next you will open the FTP client that you have downloaded to work with and following the instructions supplied by your FTP client.

  • Put in your hostname or the URL where you should upload your files.
  • You should be prompted for a user name and password. Enter them in the space provided.
  • Select the correct directory for your hosting provider.
  • Select the file or files you want to load onto your website, and drag them to your FTP client.
  • Visit your website to make sure all of your files have uploaded correctly.

Tip: If your web host tells you that you do not have FTP access, you will have to use their FTP site to upload your files. Remember to check your website to ensure your files have uploaded correctly.


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