Module 2: Amour De Visage Wire Frames

The home page for Amour De Visage has the navigation up top with an image above the fold to entice the user. Below the image is an area to talk about highlights such as specials, events or amazing services performed.

The services page breaks down to Facials, Waxing, Make-up and Add-ons. Each page will show the name of the service, price and description.


The gallery page has two drop downs which can be for spa treatments and make-up photos. Each page will show 6 images with the possibility to add content under each picture.

The scheduling page will give information for call/text to arrange an appointment as well as scheduling online. They will click on a date which would open the contact page, pre-filling the requested date that they have clicked on.


The product page will link to an external page within the frame with the products that Amour De Visage uses in their services.

The reviews page will load with client reviews showing the excellent services that Amour De Visage provides.


The contact page will give information on the location and phone number for Amour De Visage as well as a way to send an email directly from the site.


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